Did you encounter putting too many patterns as your "phone password" but then you forgot and a prompt like this " too many patterns attempts" to unlock you need now to put a Google Account. but how if you don't remember the Google Account you sign in?.

 Then, if that's your problem let me give you a tutorial on how to unlock your Phone using an Android  Multi-tools, thanks to my friends about sharing this and this might also help you to solve your problem. 

How to fix O plus 8.31 Too Many Patterns (O+  8.31)

According to his tutorials, O+ 8.31 don't have or it does not support a hard reset that is we need to wiped it by the used of Android Multi-Tools.

Here is the image using "Android Multi tools"

Symbianizetech image

Here is the image before fixing (Here are Steps to Fix)

1. You need to Switch on your Phone, and lets proceed to installing drivers.

2. When installing the drivers, we need to switch the phone into "FAST BOOT MODE" . need to put in that state " fast boot mode" to proceed into next stage.

3. Take note, when the phone don't have drivers it is not going to take a "fast boot mode" so better install the drivers first.

4. To install drivers, you need to "Press volume Down" +  "Power ON" in the same time. and insert the USB Cable to connect it into your computer.
5. If successfully proceeding into "Fast Boot Mode" Open the " Android Multi - Tools " software and wait to detect your phone.
6. Press number "8" into your phone and it is going to restart.
7. Done !.

Here is the image taken after the phone fixed. make sure to read the instruction carefully and you can do it.

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Thanks and Credits to Mr. Ariel Bascos " Cellphone Technician " for the tutorials and image.