Best Element in Facebook My Ninja, Wind Strategy why should you pick up, tip and guide

Wind Ninja in Facebook Ninja is also one of the great Element you may select. in regards of accuracy it will be one of great advantage. a lot more elements like Earth, Water, Wind and the last time i wrote an article the My Ninja Lightning Element which is my favorite.

If lightning element is more on attack, based on my gaming experience and most played games in all time like Ragnarok Online and Pokemon. after a long discussion in regards to lightning element why should i choose that, let me also give a little introduction to wind element My Ninja in Facebook and what are those goodies and disadvantages when you select this element.

In my own resolution, they are draw when it comes to accuracy. why? Wind element is more on Air attack, i also reminiscing the time i was watching " Avatar Air Bending " . it was awesome, he can manipulate the things surrounds him. and what i love most is he can control it like he was using magnetic fields. but then i was recall, wind element is also a powerful in My Ninja Game but you need to prepare for more damages, and give a little effort putting some some HP on it to increase its life.

More Goods why selecting an Wind Element
Aside from accuracy, it is also one of the element in which it has amazing skill graphics that will surely hit to all players. " Pigeot" pidgey's evolution in Pokemon used gust to whirl wind its opponents and that way cool to used as a Wind Element in My Ninja game in Facebook.

Wind Element use as a Powerful Shield
Not literally shield using a strong shield, gust or accuracy that may help you flee in some battles and one good strategies to overcome opponents power. you may also use wind as a simple way to manipulate enemies tactics.

Aside from this game, you may also read an article regarding to lightning element that will surely hit and be one of your favorite element too. and related Candy Crush Saga a trending game which almost 10 million players around the world.


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