2 Ways How to Calibrate your Battery Phone with very simple Steps

One of  the major problem when we are talking about phones is the battery, how to make our battery last in many hours and if possible days. well, take to read this advice on how to calibrate your phone and gives great benefits into your phone.

Their are two ways on calibrating your battery first is by using a simple steps and you may read below.

Battery Calibrate Step 1.

You need to download and install the apps called "Battery Calibration " a simple steps to do this is run the apps into your phone, next and next procedure. and lastly, you need to used the battery until it fully dead battery.

Charge the Phone and after you switch it on, you may encounter smooth battery used, the apps will clean and wipe out all bad things into your phone.

And Your Phone Battery will totally calibrated.

Battery Step 2.

You can also used CWM

All you have to do is Charge your Phone up to 100%
Reboot to CWM (Recovery) and need to choose the wipe battery stats and reboot your phone.