Trending Darkest Baby Born, it is True or Fake

Just wondering what is all about the trending today regarding to world blackest baby which i read in my Facebook wall. According to the post i read, the black baby was captured and post in some respected website. As you can see in the image, you will amazed not only to the baby's color of his skin but also his eyes also black. i also read some of the comments where i see the blackest baby in the world In which the post was recieved a multiple comments good and bash comments merged. I dont know if the photo of the black baby is true or just one of the creative designed edited by one one powerful computer application, Photoshop. Still looking and moving forward if the said the darkest baby in the world true or fake. If i ask you? Did you believed it or not?

Latest MyPhone Rio, Craze, Fun, Rio V2 Discounted Price and Features

Here are the trending and latest update to All Myphone Lovers out there, checking and updating hows your MyPhone Phones today? is it available for its latest software? what Operating System available to update into your phone?

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Features for MyPhone Rio 2 Craze are.
1.3 Ghz Dual Core Processor
4 Inches Display
4GB ROM / 512 RAM
2MP Rear / Front Camera
Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

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Rio Junior - P 1,499
Rio Junior TV - P 1,599
MYPAD 4 - P 3,999
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Rio - P 3,999
Rio 2 - P 4,999
Infinity -P 10,4999