Disadvantage and Advantage Having an Android Phone and IOS Version

Just want to elaborate what is more good, phone having an Android Operating System or phone with an IOS Version like IPhone?. here are some of my own suggestion and let others read it and maybe a glitch in their mind help them what is better one.

What is GOOD? Phone IOS or Android.

* One of the great advantage having an Android Phone is you can easily download and install apps or games came from Google Play, which you only need to spot a WIFI and just connect, download and install those apps you want, while the IOS Phone is in need an iTunes to start the session.

* Android Phone used to upgrade their OS, first then the Old Android Version then came from Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, and the latest version of Android is the Kitkat which is trending in the internet world. disadvantage to IOS cause you might need to know more how to upgrade your phone into its latest version of OS.

* Advantage in IOS phones, they are unique, quality made phone to all lovers around the world. those apps, firmware they used is hard to copy, sensors and other great apps already installed in that phone, Camera is also one big factor cause surely all the phones in IOS has great quality one unlike some of Android Phone can easily buy anywhere and not good enough to satisfy the users regarding to the camera pixels..

* IOS Phones is also unique, they are strongly implemented or announcing latest phones and that is the one great idea wherein your phone can make it to the spotlight in a long time, unlike Android Phone can easily announced phones and that is the big one factor to know the product and easy to forget what is announced yesterday.

* We can discover widely in Android Phone, i don't know if this is a good news or not, but in Android Phone, programmers or moderator can easy copy and create a new model of custom ROM's while the IOS Phone hard to copy and they can preserve that thing.

* Android Phone can easy change the battery, while the IOS Phone can't.

Go Social with Torque 5 Great and Affordable Phone and its Price

Great and affordable phones range below P 3, 000. will this are the phone you are looking for, phone came from Torque which are now trending and grossing in their Kiosks and Outlets nationwide.

Torque Phones image are available for you to go social and here are the image which you may get an ideas.

Also here are the list of price and Phone name when planning to avail one.

Torque Droidz Zap - P1499
Torque Droidz Easy - P1799
Torque Droidz Trend - P2099
Torque Droidz Inspire - P2499
Torque Droidz Smart P2999

Cooling and Awesome Ice Bucket Challenge, Celebrities who Accept it

Its all now viral in social network sites, Facebook and Twitter and some media blog the grossing Ice Bucket Challenge. just wondering what is this trending ice bucket challenge in which the person who challenge do the same thing..

Cold water and has a lots of cube of ice, suddenly before the showtime the person who try to make the challenge announced who's the person he / she want to challenge in this ice bucket challenge..

Here are those people who accept and do the cold ice bucket challenge,

Kabayan Noli de Castro accept the challenge, also lots of trending Celebrity Actress like Anne Curtis from Showtime, Kris Aquino actors like Vice Ganda also accept the challenge.

Not only that, some not celebrity including friend of mine also accept the challenge of ice bucket which is made for fun.

Just wondering how cold the water with a block of ice in it, how about you? can you do the same thing when someone challenge you to do the ice bucket challenge.

Meanwhile, here are those keywords which you may get an information who is the next challenger to this awesome and cooling Ice Bucket Challenge.

Celebrities who make the Ice Bucket Challenge and list of it..

LTE Phone Featuring Xiaomi Mi 4 Out the Box and its Phone Specifications

Starts from the scratch, speculations and now it was announced around the world for the upcoming and more gadget came from Xiaomi, featuring its great features and headlines to the world on internet.

After the long way run, finally Xiaomi released again another phone, the Xiaomi MI 4 and pack with lots of features.

I also read in some respected websites, that this phone is protected by cloud service option in, to make phone storage and messages more secure according to the said features.

Xiaomi Mi 3 first released and known by having the trending LTE capabilities, and it was hit all around the world.

Features and Specs for this Xiaomi Mi 4
* 5 Inches IPS LCD Touch Screen
* 3GB RAM / 16 and 32GB Internal
* 2.5 Ghz Quad Core Processor
* Adreno 330
* 13MP Camera Rear and 8MP Camera Front
* 4.4.3 Android Kitkat Operating System
* GPS, Java, WIFI, Bluetooth
* More Features available

Simple Reminder on How to Take Care of our Phone Screen with Tips and Guides

Here are some good ways on how to handle and take good care of our Phone Screen, well i know some of you aware on how to care our screen but just want to share this great example and make more care to our phone.

Also, just a simple reminder that take off our screen protector may also damage the phone screen, that is why lots of advertisement featuring the scratch protection just to inform anyone that having that specs will help our users care the screen of our beloved phone..

Did you know?

* Removing the screen protector of our phone when first hand, will take the risk of scratch, like for example when you put your phone in your pocket and accidentally we didn't notice that we also put some keys, coins and other sharp object will surely hit the phone screen.

* Also, screen protector will give a fully active scratch resistance into our phone, it may block all sharp object which will damage the screen protector.

* Phone Manufacturer also carry this specs to help all the users take good care of their phone, having scratch resistance even we don't have to put some screen protector into our phone..

* If you don't want to put some screen protector into our phone, we also used a cover with a flip so that when putting it into our pocket we guarantee and surely avoid the consequences. 

* Lots of housing, flip cover and screen protector available where we buy our phone..

* But more important is, a user will be the one to protect the phone, it was depends on how to used it and how a user do take care of the phone he's / she's using.