Camera Resolution for MyPhone RIO LITE and its Amazing Image Included

MyPhone RIO and its 2 more series of it the RIO LITE and RIO Fun are now trending in all aspects of social networking sites, it is fast and shared faster for its very affordable price and very great phone which all users expect that they will loved it.

I am one of the user of this MyPhone RIO Lite and i could say " this is one of the Phone which you may get all the features and satisfied you".

I have also one great capture for its 5 Megapixels camera in its rear...

It was a crystal clear camera capture, for you to get more photo's and share it with friends, RIO LITE camera features also great for "selfie's" and other terms of it.

Not only that RIO Lite by MyPhone has also great features into its Processor ROM and RAM by visiting my related article and visitors of this blog also reading it.

Lots of Branches, Kiosks and Outlet Nationwide has their stocks, get one and you wont regret it....

Common Problem and Answer for Air Gestures in your Phone

Looking for some solution that you are experiencing in your phone? maybe this are one of the problem of your's and together with its solution. take time to read some of those and will fix the query of yours.

Note: not 100% is working on selected phone, but some of the users already give their feed back and this is useful to them..

Problem and Solution Article you might need.

1. Status Bar Transparency - You can adjust this by using Gravity Box, there is an option which you may control the transparency of your status bar.

2. Problem about Air gesture of your Phone - Some MOD has this option, and to adjust or to control this, Go to the Settings / Motions  and Motions and you will find the Gesture Activation. solved the problem..

3. System UI has Stopped Fix - This is also one of problem by user some are " Unfortunately UI is not responding " to solved this all you have to do is install or open the Gravity Box followed by Navigation Keys / Actions / Home Key / Long Press the Option and Select it ...

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Torque Fathers Day Special Extended Featuring Droidz Motion and Atom S

Torque has its extended phone sale in their phone which you may see below in their Facebook Page post, and that post is also posted in the celebration of Fathers Day...

If you are looking for great phone well, try phone came from Torque for its reasonable and great price which is also indicated in the post.

Featured Phones and Plablet by Torque..

Droidz Play 5G for its latest Price of P 2,499
Droidz Atom S for the latest Price of P2,899
Droidz Motion for its Latest Price of P 4,999

You can also see how much you save when you avail one of this in the photo included, and for its features and specs it is also available.

Aside from that, you can also read related article and most visitors read in my previous article like the MyPhone RIO Series and its features, why it is trending..

Win SM Cinema via We Chat Featuring MyPhone Devices RIO Lite and Information

Just one of the trending and i could say "invasion of a new ERA of Phone" the MyPhone Series featuring the MyPhone RIO Lite and other series of it.

Check this out came from MyPhone FB Page, for you to win great SM Cinema Passes until June 20 only. according to the post, you will received SM Passes via We Chat, one of the trending Apps which you may connect to your love one and friends.

Here is the Image

Instructions is located at the image, you can also get the information on how you win and how to register on this said "Passes on SM Cinema" .

Standby on more great news and happenings in this blog and you may also get information regarding to great phone and devices which featured in all trending manufacturer of Devices here in the country.

Featuring 3 Great Phones the Quarts, Nova 2 and Snap 2.0 by Cherry Mobile with they're Features

Not just MyPhone has a great new featured phones, like they're latest featured RIO Series phone including RIO, Fun and LITE. take also to time to read what are those great compiled phone came from Cherry Mobile and maybe one of this 3 great phone are the one you are looking for.

Featuring the Cherry Mobile Snap 2.0 , Quarts and Nova 2.

Features for Snap 2.0 are : 
Dual SIM
3.5 Inches Capacitive Screen
WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS
Mali 400 GPU
2GB ROM and external SD Card

Features for Quarts are : 
Dual SIM
4 Inches Capacitive Screen
3MP Camera Rear and Front Camera
WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS

Features for Nova 2 are :
Dual SIM
4 Inches IPS Screen
8MP Camera Front with Flash and 0.3MP Front Camera
WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS

More Detailed Phones are coming soon, standby for more information in this blog.

Expected Features and Specs for Cherry Mobile Flare Dash and its Price

Exciting upcoming series of Flare, one of the known Cherry Mobile devices, said to be it has a newer version the Flare Dash.

Good to know that they're are some people revealing what are those features having this phone Flare Dash, lets take some time to read those and maybe the price and the features having are the phone you are looking.

Image credits to Cherry Mobile Facebook Page.

Cherry Mobile Flare Dash said to be features are the following...

1.2 Ghz Quad Core snapdragon 200 Processor
Jellybean 4.3 and able to upgrade into Kitkat version for the OS
4 Inches Display
302 Adreno GPU
5MP Camera Rear with a LED Flash
VGA for the Front Camera
WIFI,Bluetooth and GPS Support
FM Radio
Micro USB
Ambient Light Sensor

This Phone are expected to has a price of P 3,699 and will be available in the market soon, will be update when the time comes.

Amazing MyPhone Fury for the Latest Price of P599 only with Features Included

Lets talk about one great phone came from MyPhone, check this amazing MyPhone Fury for its amazing features and one of the handy Phone in the market today for the latest price of P599 only.

Great one if you are looking for "second hand" phone which you may take it anywhere and anytime, for you to keep your primary phone in our pocket or where every it is.

Check for the image

Like the Series of MyPhone RIO specially the LITE which one of the trending phone today for the Price of P3,999 powered by Quad Core for its Processor, Fury has also its unique and you can take a choice of its color, available in the image which you may get info.

For its Features, it has a Camera with a Flash, Multimedia Player and Flashlight on the go, and available for you to install or put a Micro SD up to 8GB.

Introducing the MyPhone Series Featuring the RIO, Rio Lite and Rio Fun with its Features and Prices Incuded

Just got my brand new MyPhone Rio Lite and i could say, it was a great one. for the price of P 3,999 you can enjoy a lot of good features included in the package. first, i did not notice that this phone is powered by a Quad Core Processor, yet you may considered while browsing that is is fast and accurate one.

Rio Lite is available in all branches and Kiosks, yet there are some branches like here in Baguio City that they say "out of stocks". but don't lose hope, find it if you want an accurate phone device.

Take a look for the image came from MyPhone what is the image, and other things you want to know with this phone.

MyPhone RIO series has a three unique phones, one is the RIO Lite, the Rio Fun and last is the ultimate version of it the RIO.

First thing to deal with this Phone is the Rio Lite, which you may get a features like 4.7 Inches IPS Display, 1.3 Quad Core Phone, it has also a 5MP in the Rear and 2MP in the Camera Front. it has also a 4GB ROM and its 512MB for the RAM and powered by Android Jellybean for the OS.

Second one is the RIO Fun, features are : 5 Inches Capacitive Touch screen, 1.3 Dual Core Processor, 3.2MP Camera Rear with a Front Camera and a Jellybean for its OS.

Lastly the RIO, you may also considered adding 1k for you to get this RIO when planning one aside from Lite, yet i decided to buy the RIO cause its good and unique for its slimmy shape and big screen size.

for the Features of RIO it has : 5 Inches HD IPS Display, 1.3 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 8MP Rear Camera and 2MP Front, 3G Enable, 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM and powered by Android Jellybean for its OS.

Less advantages what i saw and tested in this Phone, is you may considered bit faster drain battery, you may used the phone almost 2 days for its standby mode, but draining fast when consuming its features like its WIFI and Bluetooth and browsing Facebook.

Yet i could say aside from that, this phone is a unique and very nice phone, you wont regret to buy.. Thanks MyPhone

Latest and Great MyPhone Infinity, High End Phone with Octacore Processor and More Features

After the successful announced one of the trending MyPhone devices today, which was my previous article regarding to MyPhone RIO with the price of P 4,999 with its smaller version the MyPhone RIO Fun. take a look for one of the amazing phone here in MyPhone.

Reach the beyond INFINITY, a 16 Megapixels camera which located in the main and its 8 MP in the front is one of the best hit phone today, camera which you may enjoy life like image capture for its crystal clear version of it.

MyPhone Infinity is also known for its interface for its great Octacore Processor, one of the great and amazing Processor in the Philippine released device.

Take a look for the image came from MyPhone official page, credits to them..

Corning Gorilla Glass for the screen features, 1.7 Ghz Octacore Processor together with its 2350 mAh Battery, i could say it is one of the best local brand of phone here in the country, so better to have one.

For the features in its ROM and RAM, you may also count great wide 16 Gigabytes ROM and its 2GB RAM a very wide storage which you may run very high end games and applications.

P 12, 999 for its latest price, you may also get instant and updated news and updates as soon as they released, so stay tuned.

Why MyPhone RIO is Top Among Others, Details, Price and Features Included

Speaking of which, here comes great phone came from MyPhone. well, here is one of the the trending phone today which you may considered one of the newest and great in features not only in the features included in its software.

Great because, unlike branded phone today like Samsung and iPhone, MyPhone also featured great RIO which you may see difference in it.

A wide 5 inches IPS Display that you can afford for the price of P 4, 999 Php only. yes, heard it right. that is why this is one of the newest and great news to all users here in the country.

Considered also for its wide ROM which has 4GB and RAM with 1GB, enough for you to install your favorite android games which is trending played by many.

Not only that, MyPhone RIO has also different colors which you may select, look for the image together with its features like 5MP in the main camera and 2MP in the front, also a Jellybean for its Operating System and 1.3 Ghz Quad Core for the Processor.

More features is included, and for more details you may visit the nearest Kiosks and outlet nationwide, so that you may also know what are those great phones in their catalogs and maybe that is the devices you are looking for.

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