Love Month Promo, Cherry Mobile Featuring Hyper, Titan TV and Skyfire 2.0

Check this great 3 amazing Phablet which was included Sale this valentines season, Cherry Mobile present 3 of the great device features and specification included in the image, you can also read the details and information regarding to this Valentines Day Phone Featured.

Well, like others, available in selected concept  Store Sta. Mesa.

Featuring Cherry Mobile Hyper, Titan TV and Skyfire 2.0. features is included in the image.

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Battery Calibrate, and How to Make your Phone Customize in a Better Ways

Here are some of the trending search in the internet in regards to some queries and question answer to some problem in your phones, take a little time to read some of those and maybe one of the question you want an answer are indicated in each line.

I just want to credits some of the queries with corresponding answers to all the users like Cherry Mobile Phones and others, let me begin.

Question and Answers.

Trending Android Games
Answer: well, according to the survey and also it was listed in Google Play Store, Flappy Bird is in the 1st list, you can download it directly in Google Play Store and enjoy its amazing Game Play, all you have to do is passed all the pipes in the way and make the bird flapping by tapping your Device Screen.

How to Customize your Device
Answers : customize has a lot of meaning, well if you want to make your phone good in software performance, you can ROOT your Phone by using great apps, download and install Custom ROM's and make it smooth in a great way, you can also try to partition the storage so that you will be able to download and install great games that suit into your Phone, and lastly make your phone great by putting it in awesome cases.

How to Save Battery and Storage
Answer: For the battery try to calibrate it, according to the expert you can save battery up to 50% by the usual used, it helps also to perform battery "fast low bat".

For the Storage, you can partition it and big files like games will surely installed.

Latest News, Is Trending Game Flappy Bird will be Shutdown? Details and Information here

I just wondering what happen why Mr. Dong Nguyen a creator of very popular game today which is trending in Google Play Store " the Flappy Bird " which is currently one of the trending games download and install into Device.

According to the latest issue, the creator announced that the trending game Flappy Bird will be shutdown because of some feed backs came from other people, together with the word came from a very popular man " Barrack Obama " banning this game in US for the reason it was a waste of time playing this kind of game.

For more information, take time to read what are those word came from Nguyen posted in his Twitter account.

One of the reason why the powerful man said that, came from respected websites. because of waste of time, totally addictive and annoying.

" I can call " Flappy Bird " is a successful of mine, But it also ruins my simple life, So now I hate it.. -Nguyen.

Great Devices, BIG BIG SALE, Featuring the SKK Mobile Wind and Cherry Mobile Rave

Speaking of trending phone today, check this two great phone which has a great sale price for tomorrow, yet is available in selected stores only. but if you near to that place, you can get this amazing phone of your dream. let me tackle this two great device that will surely hit to your taste and best smartphone ever.

First one of the sale device came from SKK Mobile, the SKK Mobile Wind for its latest price of P2, 999 and it is available in the nearest phone Booth, Outlets and Branches nationwide. here are the specifications of this great device also its image.

SKK Mobile Wind has a Features Specifications
  • 5 MP with Flash and VGA Camera
  • 4GB ROM and 512 RAM
  • 4 Inches WVGA LCD Display
  • 4.2.2 Jellybean OS
  • 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processor
  • Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, WIFI, FM Radio
  • 32GB Expandable Memory
Here is also one of the featured phone from Cherry Mobile for its latest price and discounted selected areas only, available in SM North Edsa Tomorrow, lets meet its latest price of P 999, the Cherry Mobile Rave.

Enjoy its Features like Gingerbread 2.3 OS, Dual SIM, 2MP Camera, WIFI, Bluetooth GPS and Many more exciting more specifications having this great CM device.

Perfection Made Possible Featuring the O+ USA Imagine, Review and Features Included

Here is the trending phone came from O+ and this is also their featured phone which drives and paired to some other devices manufacturer here in the country.

Let us also see what are those great featured in this Smartphone, and maybe this is the phone suit to you, bit too expensive compared to other devices yet still reasonable for its features and specifications.

Here is the Image came from O+ USA, thanks and credits to them

O+ Imagine has a great features like 5 Inches full HD Screen and a 13 Megapixels Camera. sounds great for having one of the devices which has a great features and crystal clear for the image.

Aside from that, it has a Back to Back Scratch Resistant Glass Display that cover and protect your screen, worry for damage and scratch. This O+ Imagine is available in Kiosks, Outlets and Branches Nationwide for the latest Price of P 18, 995.

Myphone Fuego Series Devices Featuring its Details Review and More Details Included

Check this six amazing devices which are featured in MyPhone Facebook Page, to know information and maybe this are the phones you are looking for.

Including the Prices, Features and Specification in each phones Featuring the MyPhone Ignite, B88i, B88 TV, B88 + TV Duo , B18 TV Duo and B18 + TV Duo.

MyPhone Presents the " Fuego Series " Details..

Myphone Ignite Features Details
  • P 788 Latest Price , Multimedia Player, 2.4 LCD Camera, Flashlight, Bluetooth.

Myphone B881 Duo
  •  P699 Latest Price, Camera with a flash, Flashlight, Bluetooth, Multimedia Player, 3.5 mm Audio Jack.
Myphone B88 TV Duo
  • P999 latest price, 2.4 Inches LCD Display, Camera, Multimedia Player, Bluetooth, Flashlight.
B88+TV Duo
  • P 1,090, 2.4 Inches LCD Display, Camera with Flash, Multimedia Player, Bluetooth, flashlight.
B18TV Duo
  • P1,299 latest price, 2.4 LCD Display, 1.3 Megapixels Camera, Multimedia Player, Bluetooth, flashlight.
B18 TV Duo
  • P 1,490, 2.4 Inches LCD Display, 1.3 Megapixels Camera, Multimedia Player, 

Cherry Mobile D1 TV and W1 Features and Specification Details and Review

Still hot and you have still the chance to get this amazing device came from Cherry Mobile, this are also the featured phone which has a less price. but according to the Facebook Page it is same price for Cherry Mobile D1 TV and W1.

Take a look for the image and also the features specification and maybe they are the phone you are looking for.

Here are the Features for D1TV

For the Price of P 699, you may enjoy a Bluetooth Connection and FM Radio, together with its Micro SD up to 8 Gigabytes for you to save files and enjoy its Multimedia Player.

For the Features Specs for W1, it has a 3.2 Inches Touch LCD with a single Camera with a 1.3 Megapixels and Bluetooth 2.1. for the latest price of P 1,200 you may also enjoy great features and install and download into its 16 Gigabytes for its Micro SD Card.

Unknown Great Device from CM, Cherry Mobile Evolution with Features Specifications Review

Guess what? still confused what is this new great device came from Cherry Mobile which is still unknown and will be featured soon in this blog. according to the caption " Evolution and Still on Fire " . well, lots of comments and suggestion what is this device, according to the comments came from users of this Smartphone brand. here are they, but its not yet proved if this is sure or not.

While waiting, take a look for the features and image came from their Facebook Page and maybe you have a guess in this.

 Cherry Mobile Evolution
It has a 5 inches Full HD IPS Display / AMOLED Display.
One of the Newly and great Octa-core MT6592 processor, second posted Octacore here in the country, first article came from Starmobile.
2 Gigabytes for the  RAM
16 Gigabytes Memory and Expandable to 64 GB
18 Megapixels  Main Camera with 8 Megapixels Front Camera
2500mAh Battery