Lenovo A390 Features and Reviews

Lenovo A390 features is comparable to some android features that is available in the market today. yet, there are some features not included in this android phone. like other branded or local phone has a dual camera, but in this Lenovo A390 dual camera is not featured. it has a 5 Megapixels camera with 2592 x 1944 pixels to be exact. it is not also indicated for LED flash or some auto focus thing like mostly featured when i am discussing some gadget to be exposed.

Good to know that it has a same features when it comes to its internal memory like in Lenovo A800. for having a good 4 Gigabytes internal memory (ROM i guess) and having 512 Megabytes for its RAM. not only that, having a great day to know that it is also possible to expand its micro SD up to 32 Gigabytes. for its Operating System it has a good version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and a Dual Core 1 Ghz processor not bad at all.

More Features for Lenovo A390

Having 4.0 inches for Screen Size
Dual Sim
Capacitive Touch Screen for Display type
WIFI is available 
WIFI Hotspot is  available
FM Radio
2G / GSM / 3G / HSDPA
Li-Ion 1500 mAh Battery

Great Features for Lenovo A800 reviews and specifications

Did you already read my previous post regarding to Lenovo P700i. then let me discuss another products from Lenovo that has also a great features. Lenovo A800 has an Operating System Ice Cream Sandwich with a version of 4.0.4, it has a Dual Core 1.2 Ghz for its processor. a user will enjoy its screen size for having a size of 4.5 inches and an IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with 16M colors indicated.

Did you enjoy running an application in your android phone? or maybe playing some sort of android games in your phone? Lenovo A800 has a great capacity of battery that able to stay long connected and it takes a lot of time before it runs out. it has a power of Li-Ion with a 2000 mAh battery for its remarkable and long way by running some applications that you might like.

How about its Internal Memory

Well, insufficient memory is not the problem here, like other branded android phone, it has also a great way to store any kinds of files like MP3 formats, video files and other things you need to save in its memory. in this Lenovo A800 is possible to expand its micro SD memory up to 32 Gigabytes. it has also a great way to explore and experience a user to its good internal memory with 4 Gigabytes for its ROM and a 512 Megabytes for its RAM.

Not satisfied and need more, well here are some more features for Lenovo A800

2G / GSM / HSDPA for its Network
Dual SIM and Dual Standby
WIFI Hotspot
1.2 Ghz Cortex A-9 for its Processor
Colors available : Black / White

Lenovo P700i features and Specs review

Lenovo P700i is one of the android phone that are distributed by Lenovo when it talks about its features, well you can like this for having good one and a versatile look. it is also one of the Lenovo gadgets that is available in the market today having good and low price but a remarkable features it has.

Lenovo P700i features like Internal memory can now satisfied its user by storing a lot of things, by saving for wide storage capacity. it is a great deal having also a great RAM for a better browsing experience with 512 Megabytes and 4 Gigabytes for its ROM. not bad at all. you can save your files for expandable memory up to 32 Gigabytes.

More Feature you might like for Lenovo P700i

Aside from its amazing features i discuss above it has a good internal memory like the previous article i made for Lenovo S560 features. it is good to know that in this android phone you can enjoy the same features with a cheaper price. not only the internal memory is the main course in this phone, you can also enjoy its good dual camera which has a camera in the front and able to use its 5 megapixels in the back.

Connect and look for a wifi hot spot and browse to the trending social network like Facebook and Twitter for its amazing wifi capabilities, with an operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 1 Ghz Dual Core Processor. 

Other Features in Lenovo P700i

IPS LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
wth 16M colors available
4.0 inches for its Screen Size
2500 mAh Battery
Dual SIM and Dual Standby
Colors available : Black / White

Features and Specs for Lenovo S560 review

Looking for Lenovo S560 Features then this might the way to satisfy you when you are looking a great android phone. many tells that it is one of the best, but some are not satisfied for its features. for a great deal let me introduce what are those good features having in this Lenovo S560.

Features you might like for Lenovo S560

Android Phone? yes ! , one of those android phone that are available now in the market, some are located at the Mall's and other shops offering this gadgets. it has a good features when it comes to battery, why? it can drive your mobile to run a lot of applications and games. it is good to know that having this Lenovo S560 can be used for a long time, better used for a long trip and some other thing  without charging. it has a good Battery capacity with 2000 mAh battery. let me get to the point why this is one of the good android phone, well it has a version of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 for a better used of other android matters.

For its Processor, you can enjoy having a 1 Ghz Cortex A-9 for a satisfaction of a user. can also used and enjoy its dual camera with a 5 Megapixels in the main and a VGA camera with autofocus and live like a pro photographer.

Lenovo S560 more features available

4 Gigabytes Internal Memory
512 Megabytes RAM
Expandable Memory up to 32 Gigabytes (GB)
4 inches Screen Display
Available to used WIFI
Dual Sim and Dual standby
IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
2592 x 1944 pixels (for its camera)
Available Color : Blue

What is good about Lenovo S720 features and specs review

Many of us already had and android phone for a good and quality features, and let me introduce one of versatile look for its amazing body and structures. well, not only that when it comes to its specifications it can compared to other branded and local phones available in the market today. what is great about this android phone? is it okay to had good versatile look? how about its features? then let me discuss something good about this  Lenovo S720 features and specs you might like.

Lenovo S720 features introduction 

Well, compared to other phone it has more quality features and a friendly users to be easy on hand, Lenovo S720 has a lot of good features same to other android phone, but the fact that not all branded and local android phone has the same quality when it comes to software and hardware it has.

Looking for a great capacity that android phone has, let me tell you that having S720 has a good internal memory with 4 Gigabytes in its ROM, and having 512 Megabytes for its Random Access Memory in short RAM.  i was just amaze by its quality internal memory it almost copied my computer specs with it comes to its RAM. it has also operating system with a version 4.0 and processor for a Dual Core 1.0 Ghz (cortex A-9) . 

Want to be a photographer, it is possible to take in its 8 megapixels camera with a LED flash and autofocus, not satisfied? then how about its front camera with 1.3 megapixels included in Lenovo S720 good features.

More Features Available in Lenovo S720 features

Capacitive Touchscreen Display with 4.5 inches screen size
A Dual SIM and Dual Standby
WIFI is also available
Possible to expand its micro SD up to 32 Gigabytes
Li-Ion 2000 mAh Battery
Available color : White / Pink

Huawei Ascend Y300 review for its features

Let me get to the point, looking for an android phone with good features and quality phone? let me introduce one of the best from Huawei mobile phones. 

Huawei Ascend Y300 Features and Specifications

It has an Android Operating System Jellybean 4.1 with a processor of 1 Ghz Dual core cortex A-5. you can enjoy its amazing dual camera which has 5 Megapixels in the back with an autofocus and a LED flash for a remarkable used. in the front, you can also enjoy with a VGA camera.

Huawei Ascend Y300 has also a good features when it comes to its internal memory perhaps it has a good 4 Gigabytes internal memory with a 512 megabytes into its RAM. possible also to expand its micro SD external memory up to 32 Gigabytes for more files your going to store.

More Features of Huawei Ascend Y300

IPS LCD Capacitive Toucscreen with 16m colors
Worry free for its Scratch Glass Resistant
Available Color : Black / White
Li-Ion 1730 mAh Battery
Mini sim for its SIM
Java Support
FM Radio
WIFI Hotspot

Android game 4 Pics 1 Word Game Solver Review

A lot of games are now trending in the internet today, and it is a good to know that one of the trending android games today is finally release for its amazing new version. well, did you already try to play 4 pics 1 word android games? . it is one of the good android game that millions are now looking and playing this serious game. let me discuss and give you an introduction for this android game 4 pics 1 word.

How to play 4 pics 1 word game for android

A kind of game which makes your mind completely insane for some image puzzle you don't know the answer. to play this game 4 pics 1 word you must try to solve the puzzle given, composed of 4 images link to each other and try to answer for the given boxes and scramble letters. 

How to solve 4 pics 1 word ? well, you must need to answer those puzzle with no time limit. but you can also used its coin to answer some puzzle if you don't really know the answer. make sure that used it proper and  don't waste your coins for unnecessary. you must save it for a hard one. also, you can ask for your friends in social networking sites like Facebook and let them answer what are those puzzles given.

4 pics 1 word available games you can play in all android gadgets.

4 pics 1 word 4 letters game
4 pics 1 word 5 letters game
4 pics 1 word 6 letters game
4 pics 1 word 7 letters game
4 pics 1 word 8 letters game

Some of good website are offering a "4 pics 1 word solution" or 4 pics 1 word solver" for the other term. but using those kind of application can easily advance to other levels without a trill or hard time playing the game. as a gamer it is better not to cheat to experience what is the game really has. am i right? . 

If you want this game, it is available to download in Google Play. search for 4 pics 1 word game and it can easy download without a hassle. have some fun and make a good game play.

You can also try to play 

4 pics 1 word all levels
4 pics 1 word updates
4 pics 1 word 3 letters.


Lenovo S880 Features with introduction

Considered one of the mobile phones came from Lenovo, and available in the market today. but a lot of intriguing thoughts i already read in the internet in this Lenovo S880. maybe some are bad feedback and some are good but the fact that it is one of the best android phone available.

Let me discuss some of its features to let you know what are those good about this phone, maybe you like it or maybe not.

Lenovo S880 is one of the mobile phone which has an operating system Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 and it has 1 Ghz processor. for its camera, you can enjoy 2592 x  1944 pixels with 5 megapixels camera. yes, it is also a dual camera which has a VGA camera in the front. similar to other phones, it has an autofocus features for the satisfaction of a user.

Screen type with 5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16m colors, not bad for an android phone. maybe some are good enough to satisfy for its quality and you can count this gadget one of those.

Other Lenovo S880 Features and Specifications

Dual Sim / Dual Standby
It has a WIFI
HSDPA 900 / 2100
4 Gigabytes Internal Memory
512 Megabytes RAM
Expandable micro SD up to 32 Gigabytes
2250 mAh Battery
Available Color : Black

Lenovo P770 Review and its Awesome Features

Another great android phone from Lenovo, here comes the Lenovo P770 with good features and specifications already had in this android phone. let me give something interesting features to a reader, and a brief summary of this android phone from Lenovo.

Lenovo P770 is one of the great android phone available in the market, and it said that it has a great advantage when it comes to its battery life. some android and mobile phones has a battery that not exceed to a certain amount, but the good news in this Lenovo P770 has a capacity with a 3500 mAh battery. i am one of the good readers of all gadget today, but then i was amazed for its amazing battery life in this android phone.
It has also great Advantage when it comes to its operating system and its processor, let me first discuss for its  OS, it has a great operating system installed the Jellybean 4.1 and its Dual core 1.2 Ghz for its processor. it is one of the best android phone with truly a good amazing features.

Additional Features for Lenovo P770

  • Internal memory 4 Gigabytes
  • 1 Gigabyte RAM
  • Dual Standy and Dual SIM
  • FM Radio
  • 2G / 3G / HSDPA / GSM
  • Expandable Memory up to 32 Gigabytes
  • Li- Ion 3500 mAh battery
  • Available color : Blue

More Features for Lenovo P770
Dual Camera? check! , it has a great advantage for its camera for having a 5 megapixels camera in the main and a VGA in the front. for additional, it has a LED flash and autofocus. you can also enjoy its 4.5 inches screen with the power of IPS LCD touchscreen. a wifi that can able to connect to the nearest wifi hotspot near you, and a wifi hotspot is already had in this Lenovo P770.

Lenovo S890 Features and Specification Review

It is good to know that a lot of good android phones are now trending in the internet and it is now available in the market today. it has as lot of good features, quality when it talks about phone specs and other things you must need for having one. then let me get to the point that one another android phone from Lenovo has a great deal when having one.

What features Lenovo S890 has compared to other android phones today

Well, when it comes to the features it has a lot of great advantage when compared to other brand. let me discuss some of those features and let me start with its operating system. it has an android OS Jellybean 4.1 for a quality and remarkable used to android applications and games. for the processor, it has a Dual core 1.2 Ghz used to browse and search to the internet, a fast way to connect and search without a delay or it said to the other term "lag".

One of the android phone which has a versatile shape and make a user experience one of the best. for its camera, you can enjoy its dual camera with a 8 megapixels located in the main and a VGA camera located at the front. it has also great features like autofocus and a LED flash.

Lenovo S890 More Features Available

WIFI Hotspot
5 inches IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
4 Gigabytes Internal Memory
1 Gigabytes for its RAM
Expandable Memory up to 32 Gigabytes
2250 mAh Battery
2G / 3G / HSDPA
Dual Sim
Available colors : Blue and White

Lenovo K860 features and its Specifications review

One of the good android phone that are available in the market today for its amazing and remarkable features, it was a brilliant and quality design for the user satisfaction. it has a versatile look and convenience to user.

What is good about Lenovo K860

When it comes to features, it has a quality that above to the other branded android phones out there, let me introduce this android phone Lenovo K860 and its specifications.

Features and specifications of Lenovo K860

Powered by one and amazing android operating system Ice cream sandwich version 4.0.4 for a quality used and run some android applications, games and anything that run's an android. it has also a 1.4 Ghz cortex-a9 Quad core processor for a good and fast browsing experience. no need for hassle and time waiting for this android phone.

Camera and Memory Specifications

For its camera it has a 8 Megapixels and pixels resolution of 3264 x 2448, it is also possible to make it auto focus and a dual LED flash. take a good photo's an be like a pro photographer for its amazing photo qualities. it is also a dual camera with 2 megapixels in the front.

It has 8 Gigabytes internal memory with 1 Gigabyte for its RAM, it has also a good micro SD external memory and able to make iit expand up to 32 GB. you don't need to worry about files that you are going to store in your memory just because it has wide storage to store all the important files you need.

Lenovo K860 more good features available

IPS Capacitive touchscreen with 16m colors available
5.0 inches Screen Size
Network:GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
HSDPA 2100
WIFI Hotspot
2250 mAh Battery
Available color : Black

How to play Farm Heroes Saga Games in Facebook

I was just browsing the internet and i saw some interesting game that able to play via Facebook. and i think it is one of the trending games when i search the all games app center in Facebook regarding what is the best and trending games today.

Facebook Farm Heroes Saga is the game what i am talking for, for its amazing game features similar but a bit different from what i already posted in my previous article in the categories of other games. for the information of this game on how to play Facebook Farm heroes, let me discuss and have a little tutorial on how to play the game.

As you can see the image i already included in this article, it has an amazing animal heroes that surely some kids and infants might like this game. also for adult and other game lover out there. the game starts with a tutorials on how to play the game farm heroes saga. also,  it has already a words which is serve as your guide to play the game, "collect all the apples to win" . it said that you need to pair all the green apples. to move, let the strawberry hold and put it down to give way to the remaining apple below the movable strawberry.

Facebook Farm Heroes Saga needs also your help to be one of the top player of this game, but before you achieved that title you need to consider one of the important thing you must know about, Gold bars is one of the important you must give an effort to earn. it is used to buy a moves, a lives and a move that is why you need to earn as many as you want.

You need also to travel from farm to farm and earned a lot of experience to gain a lot pf experience and that is need to advance your level. it is also a way to earn what are those things you need. most of all, you need to make rancid the raccoon to drive away.

To play the game, you can go to the Facebook and search for the game  Farm Heroes Saga and you can enjoy to play the game. it is suitable to all players for a friendly and good games online.

Optimus L3 Features and Specs by LG

Designed for a true sheer versatile to be precise. a lot of things and new way to experience to answer to all our needs. and it is surely makes a users enjoy all the good features introducing  LG Optimus L3. it is designed for a convenient and easy way to hand on, it is also good to know that it has a lot of awesome fetures and a better way life.

Features and reviews of LG Optimus L3

3.2 inches IPS Screen Display

Powered by the latest technology, it comes a great way to know something about this new gadgets the L3 for its amazing and remarkable features and design. Surprise its amazing quality IPS display for having a 3.2 inches said to be without a limit. Optimus L3 has amazing colors good to the eye and you don't even notice where its end and where to begin by its amazing screen. enjoy to browse all your videos and pictures by like a real life colors.

Pixels Quality
Having Problem with Blur photo by its pixels? , then worry free for this Optimus L3 by LG by amazing and powerful pixels quantity. even if you are going to zoom in into its last view, you can enjoy it without a hassle blur view, instead you can enjoy it with without straining your own eyes.

Large Capacity Battery
Are you a busy in a mobile life?. don't worry for its amazing and long time battery before it drained out completely. it has a 1,540 mAh battery for the satisfaction of a user. battery powered by a LI-ION for a long way used.

Its Camera Quality
When it talks about camera, LG is one of the best when it comes to quality of its camera. you can enjoy taking pictures and be like one of a pro photographer, having a 3 megapixels camera and its one of the best in its kind.

Cheese Shutter
One of the best thing you must know about this LG Optimus L3. you don't need to click the camera button when capturing a photo,  it has a great features that you need to set up through your voice. create your own voice shutter and it will automatically take a photo. "Cheese !" . 

Quick Memo and Safety Care
It has also a great features like Quickmemo used to be like a reminders. you don't need to memorize or even write an important thing you need to remind. all you have to do is capture it and put to quick memo. for an emergency,  love one's don't need to worry anymore if something might going to happen, it has a features that it will automatically  send to them when  setting its recipient number and a GPS will automatically trace where your friends are.

Optimus L3 Features and Specifications
2G Network : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Netwrok : Dual 900 / 2100 / 850 / 2100 / 1900 / 900
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
Display size : 3.2 QVGA
CPU : 1.0 Ghz Single Core
OS : Android Jellybean 4.1
RAM : 512 MB

Back to School Sale on Android Phone list

Well as i expected,  more days to go and its going to be a school days to our beloved students. but did you know that it has a great savings when you are going to buy some of  mobile phones, android phones and other gadgets in their respected branches. and let me introduced some of good mobile phone providers that said to be "back to school sale of 2013".

One of the top mobile phones provider like My phone, O+ and more has a lot of discounted items. and its better to elaborate what are their specific items that are said to be listed in back to school sale discounted.

  My Phone A848i Duo

Yes, it is true. one of the leading mobile provider like My phone has a great discount for My Phone A848i Duo. let me introduce you what are the good things about this discount.

My Phone A848i Duo Features

 Android ICS
1 Ghz Dual Core
5 Megapixels auto focus camera
4.0 inches IPS Capacitive Screen
In this item you can save up to  P 1, 500 for the regular price of 5, 990 , now you can have this phone in the price of  P 4, 490 .

O+ 8.9 Android phone

Android 4.0 ICS
Air Shuffle Music, Photos, FM and Camera
5" Capacitive touch Screen
Dual core
Quad Band
Dual Camera with 5MP auto Focus back Camera
Expandable Memory up to 32 GB

O plus / O+ has also great saving for one of their good mobile phones which has a price before of P 8, 995 , now the price is P 6, 995 . you can save up to 22% off for this O+ 8.9 mobile phone.

O+ 8.2 Android  phone

2.8" Capacitive Touch Screen
Touch and Qwerty
Android 2.3.5
Voice Control
Dual Camera with 3.2 MP
Back Camera

Android phone from O+ that has also a great savings when you avail one of this products, for the regular price of P 5, 995 , now you can avail for the price of P 3, 795 .

O+ 6.3 mobile phone

Wifi connectivity
3.2 inches capacitive touchscreen
Air Shuffle FM Radio, Music, Photos and unlocking the screen
3.2 megapixels camera
FM Player and Recorder
Dual Sim
Expandable memory up to 16 GB
1000 mAh battery

One of the wifi mobile phone from O+ and such a great deal by having a discount from its original price of P 4, 495 , now you can avail it for only P 2, 400.

Amazing Android Phone by O plus featuring O+ 8.15

Good to know that one of the android phone provider from the US comes to be one of the good products when it comes to android gadgets here in the Philippines. for its good features and remarkable specs here comes the android phone from O+ 8.15. good to know that it is one of the best android phone today. perhaps it has features that don't have from the other local brand and also from branded android phones.

For the continuation, let me give something really interesting about this O+ 8.15 android phones and have a brief summary about its specs.

O+ 8.15 features, why it is a trending android phone

For the goods, it is one of the top and trending android phone which already launched on May 11, 2013 and it is now trending in all aspect of internet and also in the market today.

Good Features like its amazing operating system which has one of the best by having a Jellybean 4.2. one great way to experience some of amazing android applications and also when it talks about games. aside from that, it has also a great processor which to be precise to 1.2 Ghz Quad core for its gaming and running some latest and big files in games and applications powered by an android. it has also a great way to experience a good and quality touch screen display with 5 inches high definition IPS (dragon tail glass display) .

How about its Camera and Memory storage

Aside from the good features i already mentioned above, when it comes to capacity of its memory you can enjoy an awesome random access memory (RAM) with a 1 Gigabyte all in all, and a wide storage of its 8 Gigabytes internal memory. for more satisfaction you can also enjoy and worry free for expandable external memory up to 32 GB.

For the camera, it is good to know that it has dual camera located at the main and front. in main, you can enjoy its  BSI auto focus with 8 megapixels with also has a LED flash. wonderful right? . in the front you can enjoy its 2 megapixels camera.

More features? yes it has
Dual Sim and a Dual standby
Wifi and a Wifi spot
GPS and A- GPS

It has also an advance technology called "Air Shuffle" . by using this, you can take a good photo without using your bare finger. instead, make an air shuffle. it is also possible to do this in browsing your music, photos and FM Radio. and it has a battery with a long life before it drained with a 2000 mAh battery.

Starmobile HIT features and specifications review

Want to get know one of the trending android phone came from one of the leading mobile phone, android phones here in the country, Starmobile. it is also one of the good mobile phone provider when i watched good noontime show in "Showtime" . but then i was bit curious what are the good specs had in this Starmobile  Mobile HIT. one of the good and amazing android phone available in the market world today.

What is good in Starmobile HIT

Well you can decide what are those good features when you read until the end about this article to discuss about Starmobile HIT features.

It has one of the good operating system like "Android Gingerbread 2.3" for amazing browsing experience when you are going to browse about android application and games and having 1 Ghz for its CPU. worry free for its amazing wide touchscreen with an specific of 3.5 inches capacitive.

For its resolution you can enjoy and have some fun for its 480 x 320 HVGA pixels for the best.

Additional good features in Starmobile HIT
2G / GSM 900 / 1800 mhz
HSDPA (download up to 7.2 megabytes per seconds)
HSUPA (upload up to 5.76  mbps)

How about its storage capacity
Well, in this android phone you can enjoy a lot of things to do and can store files like mp3, video files and others for its amazing external memory that able to expand up to 32 Gigabytes. not only that, it has a 512MB for its ROM and 256 MB for its RAM. 

For more details, you can approached a costumer support in the nearest Starmobile branches near you, and you can see also some of good mobile and android phone only at Starmobile.

Torque Droidz Portal tablet features

A lot of good products today when it comes to mobile phone, android phone and specially tablets. a lot of good features already had by those trending gadgets in the market world today. regarding to tablets, let me discuss one of the good and amazing tablets products by Torque that surely you may like and might like by all the users.

Tablet Torque Droidz Portal Features and Specs

Let me discuss something about Droidz Portal about its amazing features. It has a highest amazing operating  system Jellybean 4.1 for better android experience. together, it has a processor with 1 Ghz dual core for amazing browsing and applied by playing and running application by androids. for the better experience, you can also take and advantage by its amazing 7 inches WSVGA Touchscreen and can connect to the internet by using its HSDPA up yo 7.2 Megabytes per seconds (mbps)

Aside from those amazing features, it has also good features like Mobile TV that able to watch your favorite show in television and can connect for the airing and trending music of your favorite artist by its amazing FM Radio. for the better used of this gadget, you can also used its amazing 8 megapixels rear with a led flash. not only that, it s a dual camera with a VGA in the front.

Connect to the internet by using its amazing wifi by connecting to wifi hot spot near you. also, can connect and transfer to other gadgets like mobile phone, android phones by using its Bluetooth. ROM with 4 Gigabytes and RAM for 512 Megabytes for more good features.

I need more specs and features in this Droidz Portal

Google Play Store
Call and Text Features
Dual Sim and a dual standby
Multi touch zoom
Java Capable and wifi Tethering
GPS and  AGPS support
3.5mm Stereo headset Jack
Micro USB port
and a lot more

Price :  P 8, 488
Available color : Black

It is also available to expand its micro SD external memory up to 32 Gigabytes. for more details you can visit nearest Torque branches near you for more details regarding to Droidz Portal.

Specs and Review for Torque Droidz View

Looking for a great tablets with good  features and quality?. then here is one of the goof products from Torque for the satisfaction of one user. let me discuss something what is new and what is the good in this Droidz View for Torque.

Trending Tablets : Torque Droidz View

It is one of the fastest tablets when it comes to its CPU, it is runs to 800 Mhz High Speed plus 400 Mhz DSP and it is powered by android 2.2 Froyo operating system that makes this tablets more convenient to one user. for more, it has a 7 inches Screen with 2 point touch for its easy zoom.

Minor Features Torque Droidz View has

Speaking to minor features, it also has in this tablets like

High Speed Video Playback
Superb Sound
VGA Camera
Multi language support
4 Dimensional Gravity Sensor

PRICE:  P 3, 399
Available color: Black

Other good features like

It has a wifi that can connect to the nearest wifi hotspot and able to connect to the popular social networking sites, for the satisfaction of a user it has a 2 Gigabytes internal memory and it has also a 32 Gigabytes expandable to its external Micro SD Slot. it is possible to download and play thousand of application and games in Google Market / Google Play. last but not the least, it can standby up to 10 hours and can play a video up to 3 Hours.

Review and features for Torque Droidz Flash

One of the great Torque products when it comes to tablets the Droidz Flash, it is known for its quality and amazing features. and i am going to explain and elaborate so that it will allow all the users know about its awesome and amazing features only at Torque.

What is good about Torque Droidz Flash Tablet

Maybe that is one of a thousand questions regarding to the question i indicated in my title post. it said that in this product you may experience a best and quality gaming experience with the help of its amazing features.

Torque Droidz Flash Features Review

With its features you may experience a great gaming pleasure for having an android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. it is good to know that this is one of the best when it comes to gaming. in additional you may add a RockChip 1.2 Ghz for more excellent gaming mode. for capacitive Touch screen it has 7 inches WSVGA and it is a multi zoom.

What's more good in this Torque Droidz Flash

Aside from the features i had been written above, it has a 4 Gigabytes ROM and 512 Megabytes for its RAM for excellent and awesome browsing and gaming experience.

More Features like 
2 Megapixels camera and a VGA in the front
WIFI  and a Bluetooth is also available
Wifi Tethering
3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
Full HD Video 1080pixels
G Sensor

Price :  P 3, 699
Available color : Black

It is also possible to expand its memory up to 32 Gigabytes.

Torque Droidz Tandem and its good features

Such a pleasure discussing one of the trending android phones in the market today, and one of those android phones and mobile phone provider was Torque. and it is a great way there was a good products that i am going to elaborate some of its awesome features that can be comparable to other local and even some branded phones.

Review and Feature specification of Torque Droidz Tandem

One of the popular Torque products for having a good and features that are demand looking in one users, and i surely this is one that you might like.

Features like Android 2.2 Froyo is already had in this android phone. talking about android froyo, it is one of the great operating system that can able to expands, connect and able to play an android games and applications. it has also 3.5 inches capacitive HVGA touchscreen.

More Features of Torque Droidz Tandem 

Dual Sim and it is a Dual Standy
Mobile TV
Camera with 2 megapixels Rear with a flash
2.5mm Stereo Headset
FM Radio
Multimedia Player
G Sensor
SMS / MMS / EDGE / WAP 2.0 and it is a JAVA capable
Available colors : Glass Black

Price : P 9, 999

Torque Droidz Tandem more great features

It has a great wifi that able to connect to a wifi hotspot near to the user, and it has a Bluetooth able to connect and change files to mobile phones and android phone users. ROM with 256 Megabytes and  RAM with 256 Megabytes. it is also possible to expand its external memory up to 16 Gigabytes.

Trending Torque Droidz Glee and its features

Last time i already discuss about the features and specifications of Droidz Mate, one of the popular and trending android phone by Torque. in this article i want also to discuss some of good features of one of the trending Torque android phone Droidz Glee that maybe you might like.

In some good terms it has a good features similar to some branded available in the market today but when it comes to quality maybe this is more convenient. lets get to the topic.

 Torque Droidz Glee features and specs

It is an android phone that is able to used a dual sim cards in the same time and it is always on, Mobile TV is also one of a good features available to explore in this Droidz Glee. it has an android 2.2 Froyo for a better way to explore android applications and a better to browse through android matters.

2.8 inches Resistive Touchscreen to be precise and it is good enough to browse and a closer look for your screen. again, it has a great 512 ROM and awesome 256 in RAM with 1.3 megapixels camera with a flash.

More Features that are available in this Torque Droidz Glee 

Video Recorder
EDGE / GPRS / SMS / MMS and a JAVA capable

It has also a Bluetooth possible to transfer a files in other mobile or android phones, and can connect to wifi spot by opening its wifi connections.

3.5 mm Stereo Headset Jack
FM Radio and Multimedia player
Available Designs : Black , Blue and Pink

PRICE :  P 2 , 999

And it is able to expand its external memory up to 32 Gigabytes.  and by using its android capabilities it is possible to download android games and applications in a very popular Google Play. for more details you can visit Torque branches.

Review and features about Torque Droidz Mate

Looking for a great amazing Android phone? then this is one of the best android phone available in the market world today. in this article i give some reason why this android phone is one of the trending phone. introducing Droidz Mate from Torque.

What is good about this android phone Droidz Mate

Compared to other branded and local android phone, it is one of the best when it comes to quality, we all know that it is one of a good products made here in our country. for features, it has an android 2.2 Froyo that able to experience one of the quality android operating system for a better performance. is has also a 3.2 inches capacitive touch screen for a better performance. A 2 megapixels camera with flash with a clear and amazing way to take a clear photo's is also had by this handy android phone.

I want more in this Droidz Mate Torque

Permission granted, just like a magic it has also amazing features like dual sim that able to put 2 sim cards in the same time. and one of great features already had in this android phone by having a great 256 Random Access Memory short for RAM and a 512 for its ROM, and it is really amazing. 

It has also a wifi able to connect in the internet when connected in some wifi hotspot near you. also, it has a Bluetooth that able to transfer some files like MP3 files, video files and other important files.

Another important features in this Android Torque Droidz Mate

Video Recorder
FM Radio and Multimedia Player
Expandable external memory up to 32 Gigabytes
G sensor
PRICE :  P 3, 999

For more details visit Torque Branches near you and look for another related mobile phone, android phone and tablets only at Torque.

Torque i18 Fad amazing features and specifications

It is good to know that one of the best phones that is purely made here in the Philippines has a good mobile phone which is now a trending in the market world for its amazing and quality mobile phones.

Torque i18 Fad and its good features 

Let me give you some of good features and specifications about this Torque i18 Fad.

Torque i18 Pad has a good features like 1.3 Megapixels camera and it said that compared to other handy phone, it is more clearer when talking about photos, it has also one of of the handy mobile phone which has Mobile TV to subscribe to what your Favorite TV shows and surely you don't missed it.

It has also a large a 2.8 inches large screen that able to see clear what is in your mobile phone screen, and one of the handy phone which has a dual type of typing text, one for the qwerty type and available to 4x3 keypad screen.

Bluetooth and Multimedia player is also had in this mobile phone and in that case, it is possible to transfer a file from your phone to another. you  can also select for its amazing color selection like Blue, Black and Red.

Additional Good Features available in i18 Fad Torque mobile Phone

Dual Sim - Can be used in the same time and it is a dual standby.
Video Recorder - That able to take an special occasions by taking  a good videos.
FM Radio

PRICE :  P 1, 499

Worry Free for the capacity of its external memory just because it is possible to expand up to 32 Gigabytes. for more information, you can visit for the nearest Torque branches and able you to see some of good and remarkable mobile phones.

Trending We Chat Applications available in Android and IOS

Are you looking for some way different to explore the android application and in the same time you can chat to all your friends in a simple way. then it is a great pleasure to announce that it is possible now. by using a We Chat, you can now connect to your friends similar to some applications available now in the internet. We chat application is more convenient to used and it has a  lot of features easy to hand on. for just a simple guide you can connect and chat to your friends 24/7.

Introducing We Chat available to download in Google Play which has a good and quality dashboard. not just that it has an easy instruction when you are a newly used. for elaboration, let me discuss something you don't know for a better used.

We Chat Application is designed for all the users to experience a greater way to hang out and explore some things new. for your information, We chat is available in android and  Ios in its newly version. it has a lot of simple way to make it explore.

Things to know about We Chat Application

Invite someone and be your " Live Chat" . by using this application it is allow to chat with multiple people you are going to invite and have some fun. it has also a fun way to live chat by using voice. it said that it is allow a user to talk while the others are listening. it has a red indicator to say that you don't have the right to speak when someone is talking. in short, one at a time. in the same time when someone is talking all in the group chat will hear what are invoice talking.

It is also possible to talk to someone by a face to face conversation. We Chat application is possible to make it real by its version 4.2 . in that case, a user will allow to chat with an actual conversation and that is one good thing to be considered in this We Chat applications.

Like one of the top social networking sites "Facebook" , it is also possible to chat to all your friends in a GROUP CHAT . it will lively and no delay when someone is chatting, it will automatically send and read all in the group what are the message sent. in this matter, it is depends on how fast your internet connection is.

This is the thing i love most, it has a unique and interesting emoticons different from other trending emoticons today. you can actually see this in some android and mobile phones. a unique way to express what are you try to tell by using this cute and amazing emoticons.

It is also one of the top and trending application that you don't have to sign up for your new account. the good news is, you can connect your Facebook account by entering your information users, and as simple as that you can now explore We Chat and ready to have some fun together with your lovely friends.

A Drift Bottle?

Maybe this is designed for someone don't have a chat by some incidence like busy or what ever. We chat has also a drift bottle button. said that you are going to put a letter made by text or a voice and you can throw it in the sea. after a moment, you can pick it again and someone was going to answer your message in the bottle. in some cases the reply was not a message but a jelly fish. i think it is an old version of friend finder or what ever you named for that.

If you want this,  simple hit the "Social"  and enable drift bottle from the settings and then plug in.

Photo taken from wechat.com (credits)

Review on how to play Pearls Peril games in Facebook

Looking for a great game that is surely kill boredom, then this is the game you are looking for the Pearl's Perils able to play in Facebook. according to the last record it has over a million players around the world playing this hidden object games, so invite your friends and play one of the trending game in the internet.

Let me discuss some of good game features regarding in this Facebook game Pearl's Perils and on how to play the this game.

How to play Pearl's Perils Game in Facebook : well, as simple as a piece of cake it is similar to other games like Criminal Case Game, also it is one of the trending games in the internet able to play in Facebook games. the main course to play this game is to find all hidden objects that are given on the screen in your computer, and it is the only way to advance to next new hidden object stages.

Pearl's Perils is a game developed by Wooga and it has a game version to be played in ios and social network. similar to some hidden object game, Pearl's Peril is based on father's death and to help her unravel the mystery behind of his death.

As you can see in the image, it will appear automatically what are those hidden things you need to find and have a little effort to find it. don't worry just because it has a hint to use when you are having a hard time to find some of those little hidden objects.

Facebook My Ninja Game and Element Strategies

Playing Ninja is now available to play in Facebook games and it is one of the trending game which played by million gamer around the world for its amazing game play. are you familiar to character in some anime series like Naruto and Kakashi in Naruto Anime series. then this is a good game you are looking for, invite and make a battle with your friend in Facebook and have some fun.

Facebook My Ninja is one of the trending game to be played online with amazing characters and special power effects. here are some of game reviews for this game My Ninja in Facebook Game.

How to play My Ninja game in Facebook

The Game starts with a brief introduction that it shows about the Raven clan and other main character in the game. which it will support and it has a part while playing the game. make sure to read the introduction to go with the flow and know something very important like other game introductions. it will also support first time player on how to play My Ninja a game in Facebook which is totally amazing with good ratings.

One of the good features in this game is you can select your character clan and power to beat your opponent.

Fire Power : 
Beat your opponent with amazing fire power with exciting effects. in this fire power you will have a strong element of fire. make sure to have a good strategies on how to make more powerful your selected element. like other games, fire is weak to water that is why make a good effort on how to beat them using good armors and awesome stats.

Lightning Power:
A sharp and fast way to defeat enemies with a lighting bolt power, one good example is Pikachu from Pokemon game. in this game you have a strong power using the element of lightning. but be aware on ground type player, in some case a lighting is weak to those ground elements, be better make a good armor and game plan to win it.

Wind Power:
Some of awesome things to have a wind power is unbreakable. make sure to make it one of the best power better than fire and lightning. as far as i know wind is a neutral power without a weakness. but as a support make sure to complete gear by having good game plan and good armors.

Water Power:
Destructive and amazing power using the power of tides. one of the best and powerful element also with some games related to water. it has a good power defense to make your character more vulnerable to all enemies. but be aware of those lightning power just because they are powerful and one rival of water type.

Earth / Ground power:
Earth power is good in defense, one of the best shield against lightning type based on strategies game. but one thing you must know is about the weakness of earth using a water element. so that make sure to have a strong armors and game strategies to defeat them all.

My Ninja Facebook Game Strategies and other game related

Some power elements has a weak points against elements, make sure to read and know more information regarding to game plan using element power. a fire element is weak in water, a water element is weak in lightning, a lightning is powerful to ground or earth but weak in water. wind is neutral amazing power but i did not say good and bad depends on a player on how to beat them.

Difference between a legitimate and fake like in Facebook Page

I was bit confused when i saw one of good Facebook Page with over a million likes, unlike my page with only 50 likes and they are almost from my friends in my Facebook account. i was bit jealous when i saw that Facebook Page until i discover one thing that it is not really totally amazing.

Million Facebook Likes is it possible? in some reasons yes it is. a lot of strategies regarding to social marketing strategy on how to gained and to have a million people to be like by their page. one major factor on how to have this is being one of the best. but this strategies is not totally applicable now, some of my research in the internet has a program or tools that make a fake likes in Facebook and Followers in Twitter. is this software useful? are this fake Likes and fake follower is a wise strategies? in some reasons, maybe this is good enough to have gain popularity to show how they are top to others not knowing that all are fakes and computer program generated. It has a good and legitimate Like in Facebook and Follow in Twitter, they make it to the top by using good strategies, but there are also fake and computer generated.

How to make a Legitimate Likes and Follows
Be one of the best by using a friendly manner to add and gained more friends in social network, by adding them and invite to your page is superb than doing something not really cool. it is also possible to raise and have chance to promote your page unlike by page which has a fake and computer generated likes. better to have a real 100 likes and follows than to have a thousand fake.

Fake and Real one is different
Comparing 1 than 100 is long way run. by having  small and big is matters when it comes to numbers. but how about when you are selling a product, is it good to have a thousand fake than 100 legitimate likes? how about the income? how are you going to endorse your product in fake likes or follows, selling products in  a wide desert.

In some case there are also reason why fake generated likes is good and they used it to attract real one to make access in there page, maybe it is good strategies indeed.

Review on how to play Criminal Case games in Facebook

Its been a long time since the last time i played criminal case games in the internet, then when i am doing some research i just notice and find out that Facebook has a game which is similar to what i played before, that is why i urgently play this game. Facebook Criminal Case is one of the trending games which has a million fan playing this game and i am one of those. 

Similar to what i am playing before if i am not mistaken it is Mystery Case, only fact that this game is online and hassle free to play. let me give you a brief introduction on how to play this game, specially to those  first time to play Criminal Case in Facebook.

Criminal Case is a game which can be played in Facebook, it is one of exciting game which the main purpose is find things that is included and a very important to solve a case. to find it,. as a detective and item finder you need to find those magic items to advance and to solve the mystery. don't worry if you don't find some of those items because there are hints where it can trace which that item located. 

As you can see in my image, a lot of things together with the items you need to find. make sure to find it before it runs of time, the sooner the time you find those items the better chance to get a high score. earning. score is depend on you, it will multiply into x6, x5, x4, x3 and x2.

Just a friendly hint, don't confused and find to get cheat just to apply and have a good standing in this game. it is better to play in a fair way than doing some malicious things. as a player, i try also to finish some of games by applying cheat on it. but the fact that there is no challenge and missed those hard time but it feels good when it is solved.

The items you need to find are listed and once you find it, it will automatically disappear. you can also monitor and see hint bar volume in the lower right which you need it to find those items listed, once it runs out it will temporary out until you advance into the next level. so better used it wisely and try to find it in your own guts.

Five Amazing Indoor Games to Play with Kids

More days to go and the summer will end, and it takes a lot to do specially to all teachers on how to please and make their students happy. i have some research on how to make little kids happy by playing some indoor party games that will surely hit to all kids and i also included some of games in minute to win it that also play indoor. ideas matter when it talks about happiness, this game i was given was an indoor game ideas that able to play by kids and surely it will be fun.

Here are some of indoor games to play with kids that is surely they like

Pass through chopstick
It is a fun game which it needs two players depends on how many team participants going to enter. in this game a player team must need to pass the little candy using a chopstick into another player. an instructions to be made is depend on how many candies going to pass using the chopstick. it is an exciting way to pass the candy while using a chopstick, take note it is not easy to hold and make sure to make an effort looking for the right way on how to hold a chopstick to win the competition.

Indoor Game Back Flip
One of the exciting game and it is one of the popular game which playing in the popular Television Show Minute to win it games for kids.  in this game you need at least 5 not sharpen pencils, and a 5 cups or a bottles with white bottom. in this game the player must put the pencil into the cups, take note that every pencil put in 1 cup, bounce the pencil using the eraser in the other side of the pencil and make sure to land  it  inside the cup, the first player who land the all the pencils in the cups win the game. 

A Time Capsule Letter
Best suggested games ideas that i am going to share came from awesome website. this is one exciting game exercise to encourage kids to write a letter and put it in the box. not just a letter, a letter which contains a predictions. let kids think something might possible happen in the future and when the time comes let the kids open the letter and let see if the letters have something interesting.

Fun Indoor Game for kids Find the Color
In this game, a 6 players must need to start the game. it is an easy game in the same time it helps kids to nurture about colors. the game starts with a player serves as a color giver, he or she give a color and the 5 player must take a look for the given color in their clothes, the game end when one player remained.

Party Games Trip to Jerusalem for kids
One of the top 5 indoor games for kids able to play, Trip to Jerusalem is a fun game which need at least 10 kids, in this game you need to put 9 chairs in round arrangement. to start the game, it needs a sound or it is also available to sing while clapping hands for someone while the kids rotating beside the chair. when the music stop, make sure to sit in the chair and the one not sitting may leave the game. when one player leave make sure also to remove 1 chair.

Facebook who is viewing my profile false alarm

A lot of things happen every seconds count, maybe it is also one based why a lot of Facebook users in the internet searching for who is been looking at my profile. it was big a hit when it comes to that keyword and i am also one of those people curious about this scam application viewing your profile. but according to what i read, it is crystal clear that there is no such applications able to see and to know who is viewing your Facebook profile.

Things and issues included in this scam application who is viewing my profile
  • A users can monitor exactly how many people who is viewing his or her profile.
  • It has a plug in that can monitor people who is viewing your profile.
Don't confused and stay focused, make a lot of research before doing something, if you are not sure just make a survey and ask some friends if this is true or not. maybe, you are one of thousand victims of Facebook Fishing. 

How to avoid Facebook Account Fishing 
If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, make sure to read first of plug in extension before installing it in your computer. make sure to always check for latest plug in extension installed and make sure to clean and scan your computer. 

If you are renting to a computer shop, be aware to someone around you while putting your Facebook password. and before leaving your place make sure to always check and clear browse, and clear cache when you are using Google Chrome.

Most important is make sure to have a Facebook password combined with letters and numbers with capitalized and small for strong password.

Do not share your Facebook Password to anyone.

Trending Top 5 Games in Facebook and brief review

I was bit confused when i am doing some research about what are the top trending games especially in Facebook. a lot of my friends asking me to play some of good games in the internet and make it as my game hobbies. the last time i wrote article regarding to the Top 10 Great Games in Facebook to play i read some of my friends advice, and aside from the games i mentioned last time. i am going to  add additional top 5 games in Facebook able to play by kids that surely hit to them.

Additional Five Great Games in Facebook to be Play

Facebook Game Words with Friends
In this game it is like playing scrabble, it is a unique game to play same as scrabble with your Facebook friends and it has a lot amazing things to do. make a lot of letters to make a wonderful words and put it in the board to get awesome scores and beat your friends. according to some saying, knowledge starts from words. that is why it is one of the great games able to encourage to play by kids to make their mind sharps and have some amazing sharp memory, and make it one of your best games to play.

Facebook Game Farmville (first version)
If i am not mistaken, i already played this game and make a lot of efforts to plow the land and make a lot of goods in Farmville. it is the first version of the game Farmville 2 that has now a lot new things able to do in that game. and one of those are making recipes to have experience, to make your experience bar explode and advance to a new level. Farmville 1 and Farmville 2 is similar game, all you have to do is make your Farm one of the best and make awesome goods to sell. Farmville by Zynga is a great way to have a lot of friends by visiting there farm everyday, discover a lot of places in different regions to take care of your farms.

Facebook Game Zynga Slingo
One of the best games in Facebook similar to Bingo game, How to play Zynga Slingo game is one of the top question to be ask in the internet and here are solutions in that questions. in this game, all you have to do is match the number similar in the board and make SLINGO!. you can play ever you want while you have a lot of energy left, once it  out of energy, you can add more friends and by stay out a little while to recharge your energy.

Facebook Game Songpop
Are you one of the best singers? did you memorize the song lyrics and title of that songs? then here are the best games to play able to challenge your singer career. How to play Facebook Songpop is a quiet easy to play, all you have to do is guest the given songs and answer it by clicking it in the multiple choice answer list. some answer required title or song artist. make lot of scores and bet your friends. you can play this game in Facebook and IOS.

Facebook Angry Bird Friends
It is one of the best games able to play in your computer by challenging your friends to make a best gamer. Angry Bird in Facebook is a new games that surely hit and have some amazing features to do. it is also one of the popular game Angry Bird Rovio able to play in computers, phones, IOS and Androids. make updated to some interesting games and make a good score.

A lot of more games to be post in my next blog. make sure to play it with your heart and happy gaming..