Globe Super Surf 120 Guide to Register instruction here

Super Surf 120 is a registration in Globe that you will enjoy an unlimited internet surfing into your Globe Tattoo Broadband and Phones. this registration is valid for 3 days unlimited surfing and able to connect to top trending social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and complete access to the internet world.

But you must know the terms and conditions, so that it will not forfeit the registration. here is the procedure on how to register to Super Surf 120 unlimited surfing valid for three days.

Procedure on how register to Super Surf 120

Load at least P 120 in loading station, then you must key in SUPERSURF120 and send to 8888.

A message from 8888 will come and confirmed you if you are successfully registered to Super Surf 120. take note this is valid for 3 days. you will also try to register Super Surf 50 valid for 1 day, and Super Surf 200 that is valid for 5 days.

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  1. This is a cool way to enjoy my 120 load for globe! So amazing! Three days unli surfing! Yeah!