Facebook My Ninja Game Strategy, Lightning Element Tip, Guide best Element for me

When creating your character in My Ninja on Facebook, did you try to calculate first what is more good elements in which you will surely defeat the enemies? inspired by other games like Pokemon's. i was sharpen

what is the best My Ninja Elements to be pick. in that case, let me give you a little trick and advice on what is best elements in My Ninja Game.

In picking the elements, Pokemon's has a great abilities and speaking of that, you may considered that this is one of the best way to improved your knowledge. Main Character Pokemon "Pikachu" can beat a single "Golden in a single hit. why? Electric is a powerful element to beat and destroy your Water type elements, and that is the first key to your success.

Lightning/Electric vs. Water Element
Proven by me, that a lightning element can hit as fast as wind. it is also my favorite element i chosen when i am playing strategy game. pokemon's, Ragnarok Online and other RPG game will surely effective. but why lightning? lightning was an effective way to defeat your enemy's, some of the inspired skills like lightning bolt, thunder, thunder wave and thunder shock. and when i am playing My Ninja in Facebook, i find out, that it is also effective this tactics that is why i urgent used this strategies.

BUT if there is an effective way, there is also a weakness in this element. Earth.
Lightning is Weak to Earth Element
Did you ever encounter using an element character or player is no damage into Earth or Rock? well, that is disadvantage selecting this element type. again, scenario in Pokemon. Pikachu can't hit Golem or Onix just because they have a strong shield, a rock. but the main reason why choosing electric element into My Ninja Game was the following :

Lightning is a silent and quick attack
In reality, a lightning is fast and can destroy things in a single blink of an eye. it is also powerful and a danger. well, this is my reason why i choose this as my powerful element in Facebook Game My Ninja.

Lightning Type powerful attack 
If Earth type element has a strong in defense, then lightning type has a powerful in attack. attack that can defeat an enemy in a single blow. it can also boost your attack range, attack stats just like magician in Ragnarok with a powerful lightning attack.

How to overcome lightning weaknesses
That is a good question, an element or character having a great and powerful attack will need to full or back up its defense. that is why when choosing an armors or things to wear, select an armors with a strong powerful defense. so that it can back up the lacking of the stats and overcome its weaknesses.

Mana's and potions

Also, aware of putting some hp and mp "Mana" into your bags or storage when you are going to battle or going to the field. that is also a good strategies when choosing lightning element.


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