Version Kitkat 4.4.2 Available in MyPhone RIO V1 and V2, Two Ways on how to Upgrade

Just currently posted in MyPhone official Facebook page, regarding to MyPhone RIO Phone is now available for us to upgrade its Jellybean version of Operating System for 4.4 Kitkat version.

According to MyPhone, the said Kitkat version of OS will now available in the latest version of firmware, V1 and V2 yet its not available in the old RIO Phone (phone first bought). but surely they will updates on that.

This is one of the great thing for us to know regarding to specs and what how does Kitkat version 4.4.2 OS Works into our phone.

Meanwhile, there is a video posted in MyPhone Facebook Page for us to guide on how to install the newly Kitkat OS into our phone, help us to prevent a Bootloop scenario into our phone.

There is also a posted came from reliable source wherein there are two types on how to install the kitkat version for MyPhone RIO, first need to follow the instruction which is available for the link in the said Facebook page and second is go to the nearest MyPhone Stores, Outlets located at your place and they will update your phone.

For me, it is better to go for the second option, why? so that they will provided the latest kitkat version and they will surely put that in a better way no matter what, the first one is a risk because if you find out that you encounter your phone having a Bootloop problem issue, surely the phone will brick.

Meanwhile, there is a chance for you to get your phone go back to the original shape, yet you need time for you to read manual on how to fix Boot Problems in your phone.


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