Cherry Mobile Thunder 2.0 and Cherry Mobile Life Bootloop Problem, Guides How to Solve

Just recently posted an article on how to solve Bootloop specially to all Cherry Mobile devices, Bootloop s encountered when trying to install some custom ROM without properly install or reading the guides and tutorials.

Some other phones like Cherry Mobile Life and Thunder 2.0 which is one of the trending search in the internet on how to solve the bootloop problem, how to solve please do read the instructions and proper way on how to fix it.

Solution and Guide How to Solve Bootloop Problem in Cherry Mobile Life and Thunder 2.0

First, you need to restore your phone into your back up, always remind that when making or installing custom ROM into your phone has a possible to brick the phone, so we need an application called CWM or Clock Work Mode for you to install the previous default user.

Second, Install the Restore Point of your Phone and go back, in other word, you need to Reflash your Phone using the said application and it will help the phone to recover.

Bootloop is one of the problem in which you will suffer looping restarting phone, others are stock into the phone logo, i won't change until you reboot yet the phone will simultaneously rebooting until you solve it using the said application.

Meanwhile, Read more interesting article which you will get an idea on how to solve Bootloop and how does it works.


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