Starmobile Featured one of the Smallest 5.3 Android Version, with 10 Inches Screen Featured

One of the trending and new featured in Starmobile, check this one of the best and the smallest device? i guess. well just want also to share and maybe this is the gadget? that you are looking for. i also indicated the image came and credits to Starmobile Facebook Page.

A Tiny " called Lollipop " with an Android 5.3 version that will surely satisfied you, one of the unique and great savings for very affordable price.

More features like 10 inches, multi touch screen that will surely hit to all users which like to read, watch videos on there phone..

A 3Ghz Octa Core Processor and 9000 mAh Battery, will one of the best for sure.

It has also great 4.5G LTE Advance connectivity and more features available..

Note : Just want to great Happy All Fools Day to each and every one..
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Torque Phones Great Features and Location Details for Information

Torque Phones are available located at the nearest Torque Kiosks, Outlet and Branches Nationwide, and speaking of great phones. check this amazing promo's and discounted phone which included the images and prices.

Take a look and enjoy what are those and maybe this is the phone you are looking for.

First Take a look for this Tablets / Phones

Meet and greet Billy Crawford and you have also the chance to get and buy great phone the Droidz Beat TV for the price of P 1, 999 and the Droidz Span for the price of P 2, 999.

Worry free also if you are looking for great phones, cause Torque offers great phones that you will surely hit and enjoy.. check for one of the many Location of Torque which maybe located at your place.

Came fro Torque Official Facebook Page, came from Bislig City, Surigao Del Norte.

Many more articles follows that you will surely enjoy..
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2 Ways How to Calibrate your Battery Phone with very simple Steps

One of  the major problem when we are talking about phones is the battery, how to make our battery last in many hours and if possible days. well, take to read this advice on how to calibrate your phone and gives great benefits into your phone.

Their are two ways on calibrating your battery first is by using a simple steps and you may read below.

Battery Calibrate Step 1.

You need to download and install the apps called "Battery Calibration " a simple steps to do this is run the apps into your phone, next and next procedure. and lastly, you need to used the battery until it fully dead battery.

Charge the Phone and after you switch it on, you may encounter smooth battery used, the apps will clean and wipe out all bad things into your phone.

And Your Phone Battery will totally calibrated.

Battery Step 2.

You can also used CWM

All you have to do is Charge your Phone up to 100%
Reboot to CWM (Recovery) and need to choose the wipe battery stats and reboot your phone.
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Love Month Promo, Cherry Mobile Featuring Hyper, Titan TV and Skyfire 2.0

Check this great 3 amazing Phablet which was included Sale this valentines season, Cherry Mobile present 3 of the great device features and specification included in the image, you can also read the details and information regarding to this Valentines Day Phone Featured.

Well, like others, available in selected concept  Store Sta. Mesa.

Featuring Cherry Mobile Hyper, Titan TV and Skyfire 2.0. features is included in the image.

You can also subscribe for more details and upcoming more devices here in this blog, stay tune for more details and updates for upcoming phones and tablets.
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