Comparing Cherry mobile vs. MyPhone and other related phone manufacturer

If i am going to ask which is more better? having a Cherry mobile phone or a a Myphone phones or some other related phone manufacturer in the country like Torque, Starmobile and others. well, when it is going to based upon its features i considered them draw. they are both having good features that may satisfied a users. perhaps, they have both android operating system and that is a major way how to based a phone today. you must also consider before you comparing a brand about its quality. yes, i know the fact that they have some specific features that don't have by other party, some gadgets today have a similar when it comes to specs. how about its price, did you compare them?. having an android phone which has a price of P1000 compare to P500 . well did you analyze the fact that some has good features for a price of 1000 than the 500 one.

Factors you must consider before picking one

Another factors you must consider is by having a good and quality structure, how about the brand you choice has a metal armor while the other one has only wood. well, in this case you must know the difference and those weakness. for an example about the metal structure, it has a weak points when they are expose to rust. yes indeed, while the other one don't have a metal element which has a long life when in comes to that case. somehow the other one, it has also a weakness in fire. you must consider the fact when it comes to elements they are prolong of those weaknesses for an example only.

According to my previous post regarding to the difference between Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 when it comes to features, they are both a trending Phones today but a users might give a final judgement when it comes to the quality and where a users satisfied their needs.

You must also consider and know the say's " don'y judge the book by its cover" . it is a good way before comparing a gadgets like a Torque vs. Starmobile or maybe branded products like Xperia products  vs. HTC products which is now a trending gadgets in the market today.

Even a quality android phone today regarding to its price and how it trends may become a useless when the users don't give a good hand on that gadgets in other say he or she is a reckless or a carefree users. it depends on how they care, considering that it is also a major factor on how to take care of your gadgets.

Maybe this article help you a little information before you decide which is better one. and free to give some comment regarding to this.


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